Let's Get Lit!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a serious candle connoisseur. 

There's nothing better than someone walking in your home, taking a deep breathe and saying "wow your house smells SO good!"  Or how about returning home after a long day, opening your front door and still smelling that faint aroma from the prior days burn!                                

My love for candles had me stock piling every scent from a well known bath & body store every time that 2/$20 sale hit!   It's almost borderline embarrassing how stocked my cupboards are with home scents but my love for a good smelling, clean home runs deep!

Then one day it happened.  I learned the truth about these "cheap," candles that stopped me dead in my tracks.  A dear friend of mine told me that the candles I was burning in my home could be potentially dangerous for my family.  I won't lie, initially I rolled my eyes.  I mean honestly in this day & age what isn't dangerous to your health right?  But I was curious and decided to look into her claims.

I was really shocked at what I discovered. 

Most candles are made from Paraffin wax.  When the wax is ignited it creates a  toxic cocktail of Benzone & Toluene...in layman's terms this is the same chemicals found in diesel fuel fumes!  In addition, the United States has made it mandatory that candles have a cotton wick.  However in independent testing it was discovered that around 30% of candles sold on the market today have wicks that contain heavy metals, including lead.

My wax shaped heart was shattered!  I couldn't light a candle in the house without thinking I was harming my kids or myself.  It was time to find an alternative.

Enter Soy Candles!

I'll be honest, the first thing I noticed was the price difference.  Yikes.  A far cry from the 2/$20 days.  However, like all things better for you, there is an increase in price to offset the more expensive components it takes to manufacture them.

So how is Soy different than Paraffin?

One of the best things about soy candles is that many Soy candles are US Made.  US grown and raised soy beans help support local US Farmers.  This is unlike paraffin candles that is made from foreign petroleum.  In addition it's a renewable source and biodegradable.  So not only is it better for you it's also better for our environment!


Soy wax also has a lower melting point.  What that means is that it will burn slower, allowing you to enjoy your candle longer!  Soy candles have been found to burn 30-50% longer than paraffin candles! With a lower melting point there is also more liquid that pools near the wick which allows for fragrance oils to evaporate more efficiently into the air!

Another thing you'll notice with soy candle use is there tends to be very little to no black soot.  The non-toxic burn does not increase CO2 in your air making it a safer alternative for your family.

Here at Lee Lee's, your health and wellness matter to us.  We vow to only carry soy candles for this very reason. 

We carry a variety of Soy Candles to meet your needs.  Whether it be a super fun gift with Evil Queen Soy Candles or a modern, fresh farmhouse vibe with both The Little White Cabin & Antique Candle Company, you can scent your home with peace of mind.  

Don't forget to grab our matching soy melts for your favorite wax warmer too!