About Lee Lee

Oh hey there!  Welcome to Lee Lee's!  We're so very happy to have you here!

For those of you who don't know me,  hey there!  I'm Lisa!  In 2015 I made a huge life decision and left my career to pursue my passion for fashion and retail!  I've always been "that" person who loves to buy all the things and give an honest and open review of them!  If I love something, you'll know it!  

I started my journey with a direct sales company and as they say, the rest is history! In the Spring of 2018 I started to realize that I wanted more than the constraints of direct sales. While I absolutely loved my experience, I was fairly restricted on the things I could and could not do.  The world of fashion and retail is HUGE and I wanted to dive in!  That's where the story of Lee Lee's begins!

There are a ton of places you can shop, especially in the world of ecommerce!  So what makes Lee Lee's a unique place to shop?

Our pledge to you is to always deliver quality items that you'll love with a side of great customer service!  My motto has and always will be, if I wouldn't buy it I surely wouldn't supply it!  Every order is inspected and packaged with love and care by yours truly!  Treating yourself is a gift and we truly want you to feel that way with every package from Lee Lee's!

At Lee Lee's, you're always treated like family!  We know how hard you work for your money and we appreciate our customers!  This is why we continue to offer you high quality items, fast shipping and fair pricing!  If you join our Facebook Community, you'll see I'm readily available to answer any and all questions!  

We're SO excited to have you here and hope your experience will keep you coming back for more!