Beware of Counterfeits....

Let's talk counterfeit...

Did you know that Ampersand Avenue holds not only a copyright trademark on the name Doublehood but they also hold the trade dress for their designs?  It's true.  And they take counterfeit items very seriously!  Recently the company took their concerns of replicated designs to a Federal judgement...and WON.  Which means in the near future you won't be able to purchase Doublehood replicas which will hopefully clear up brand confusion for consumers.

The Doublehood has become an extremely popular item for the Fall and Winter seasons!  They are amazing in comfort and quality!  They come in a multitude of designs and color blocking, turning many of us Doublehood fans into Hoodie collectors!  The thumbholes and side zipper add to their charm.  It is truly love at first wear!

When seeking vendors for our boutique, it was of the utmost importance to me to offer our customers two things.  Quality and Affordability.  Which is why I was absolutely over the moon when I became an approved Ampersand Avenue retailer.  

Like many things in life, the term affordable is a matter of semantics between people.  Here at Lee Lee's Boutique, the term affordable means no item will ever be priced over $100.  With that being said, our guarantee to you is to never compromise quality for lower pricing.    

Shortly after we launched, I had heard a few comments that people were able to find "Doublehoods," for much cheaper elsewhere.  And they were an extent.  Although for the time being you are able to find "Doublehoods," at half the cost you are not purchasing Doublehoods.

So is there really a difference between a counterfeit and an authentic?

There are!  Let's take a look!


In the photo below you can see the authentic Doublehood on the left and a replica on the right.  Both are the same size but there is a noticeable size difference between the two.  Replica's are typically made using cheaper quality materials and labor which results in sizing and color variations.  



This will be a major indicator of a replica.  Typically, with cheaper costs to the end consumer there has to be cheaper costs of manufacturing and materials used.  The end result is a fabric that is not as soft or durable and typically will not remain in good condition after a few washes.  The zipper is usually of lower quality and will not have the trademarked "&" imprinted.




Doublehoods with patterns on the bodice will be on the entire bodice.  As you can see from the photos below, not only is there a noticeable sizing difference but the pattern is only on the front-side of the item.

To make matters more complicated, it's not unheard of that many will use the official Ampersand Avenue photographs and promote their item as the same.  This is how so many of us fall into the rabbit hole of purchasing online and receiving an item we're unhappy with.  

So what can you do?  How do you know the item you are purchasing is legit?

1. Ask!  So many times we are afraid to ask a store owner a question for fear of being offensive.  This is your hard earned money.  You have every right to ask questions about things you're purchasing.  If anyone chooses to become offended by this, you have plenty of other shopping options available. 

2.  Pricing.  All official vendors must adhere to an MSRP price list or risk losing the ability to carry these amazing products.  If the pricing is too good to be true,  odds are you are purchasing a replica.

3.  Check with Ampersand Avenue!  There are lots of great retailers approved to carry this incredible brand of clothing.  Shoot them an email and ask if your favorite boutique is an approved retailer.

We here at Lee Lee's Boutique are extremely proud to be an approved Ampersand Avenue Doublehood retailer.  You can rest assured that the product you're seeing is the exact product you'll be receiving.