Tis the Season to TREAT YO'SELF

Ahhh the holidays are here!  For many it's a wonderful and joyous time of the year.  But lets be real.  It's also REALLY stressful for the majority of us!  There's so much to do and it seems like there are barely enough hours in the day to get it all in!  From holiday shopping to family events, we're constantly on the go-go-go!

I'm a firm believer in caring for yourself.  Nothing is more true during the busy and stressful times!  Never forget you can't give from an empty cup!

I'm beyond excited to introduce to you all a brand new line at Lee Lee's to help do just this!  We are very honored and proud to announce that we are an official Spinster Sisters retailer!

Spinster Sisters is an incredible small business in Boulder Colorado that caters to all things bath, beauty and wellness.  Their products are all handmade, natural alternatives to mass produced products!  Their beautiful packaging is all recyclable so you can feel good about your impact on the environment.  They carry a wide variety of products from artisan soaps to face masks!  You can also rest assured that their products are all 100% natural AND cruelty free.  Nothing but the purest ingredients go inside every batch of handmade goodness!

We currently carry the following products and can't wait to grow the list!

Himalayan Salt Soak-Orange Blossom Rose Petals

The benefits of Himalayan Salt are numerous!  Don't believe me?  Hit up Google and see the multiple sites singing its praises!  Some reported benefits are detoxifying the body, easing achy muscles and restoring balance and harmony.  Although the smell isn't intoxicating and delicious, the benefits of a Himalayan salt soak far outweigh the cosmetics!

Eczema Relief 

The cold, winter months can reek havoc on our sensitive skin.  Enter Eczema relief soak!  This blend contains Colloidal Oatmeal which is known for calming irritated, red skin.  Aloe, for calming itching and to accelerate the healing process.  Lavender for its calming properties.  This soak will help restore balance to irritated, dry skin.


Butta' Milk Salt Soak-Oatmeal, Milk & Honey


Oh my my my!  If you're looking for a bath to give you beautiful skin AND smells absolutely intoxicating.  This is it.  The first whiff I took of this I felt luxurious.  For centuries, buttermilk baths were raved about.  They even say Cleopatra herself bathed in buttermilk to keep her skin soft.  Buttermilk is known for containing lactic acid which produces a gentle exfoliate.  Light a few candles and dive on in and enjoy your new, soft skin!

Botanical Soak-Lavender Rose

Do you want a gorgeous bath like you see in the magazines?  Look no further.  This gorgeous mix contains dried calendula flowers, lavender blossoms, rose petals and himalayan salts all aimed to give you 30 minutes of stress reducing, peaceful escape.  Did I mention how gorgeous this mix smells?

For those times you can't escape for thirty minutes, try their amazing line of shower scrubs!  We currently carry two of their best selling scrubs!

Vanilla Coffee Sugar Scrub

First of all.  Can we discuss how cute their packaging is?  Raffia Ribbons and a cute bamboo spoon makes it a wonderful gift idea!  Lets also talk about the incredible aroma this beautiful scrub produces!  Turn your shower into a coffee house!  Using fair trade coffee, sugar, almond and olive oils, your skin will thank you for this treat!  Did I mention coffee is reported to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.  SOLD!

Botanical Salt Scrub-Lavender Rose

The incredibly intoxicating aroma of our Botanical Soak is also in a scrub!  This gorgeous scrub contains sea salt, coconut, almond, vitamin e, and rosemary oleoresin oils gently exfoliates your skin while also deeply moisturizing, leaving your skin shiny and soft.  Hop in and scrub up today!

I am so enchanted with these products and we hope you'll fall in love too!  Take a moment today and pamper yourself with this high quality, fresh ingredient skin care line! 

And just a little tip from me: If you're using the bath soaks you might want to swing by Amazon and pick up these handy little tub screens  Otherwise you're going to clog the tub and that is most definitely NOT a stress relieving activity ;)